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Listen, when I tell yall that the corruption in Ferguson runs deep, it runs DEEEEEP!

When Ferguson 1st hired a PR, it was all white. After backlash from the community and those standing in solidarity with Ferguson protesters, they fired the PR and hired Devin James.

The Mayor states the he and Ferguson officials all knew of James’ past conviction of reckless homicide (he shot and killed an unarmed man) BEFORE signing the contract to hire him.

However, Kathryn Jamboretz of the St. Louis Economic Development (the agency that is paying James’ bills), says no one in the organization knew about James’ past and admits they didn’t do a background check.

The city of Ferguson has now fired Devin James as PR for his past murder conviction.

Meanwhile, Ferguson fires Devin James for his criminal past but wont fire nor arrest Darren Wilson … … … . 

*Quick note: I googled Devin James and instantly pulled up his murder conviction*

Full story on Devin James being fired:

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